Exploring all things of addiction and addictive behaviours within the Hair, Barbering and Media industries.

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What is Straight Edge all about ?

Straight Edge - The Podcast, is an exploration of addiction and sobriety within the Hair, Barbering, Beauty and Media industry.

Hosted by Australia's most influential and experienced industry experts, who have all taken a journey to sobriety. We have lined up special guests including influencers who are sober sharing their stories, along with professional experts to explore the psychology of addiction, life after addiction and alternative healing.

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Latest Episode

FRIDAY 15th September 2023

Download Episode 1 - “Last orders and beyond” - Clive’s Story NOW !!

Episode 1

Last orders and beyond....

Clive shares his incredible insudtry experience from London to LA, Hong Kong to Sydney. Along with his years of struggles with addiction.

Episode 2

No dine, more wine

Amie shares her life story in the public eye and 25 years working in the Media. She opens up about her struggles with food and her escape through wine.

Episode 3

Mummy wine culture and changing identity

Louise explains the moment she realsied her love for wine became too much, her changing identity and her journey to sobriety

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The Hosts

Clive Allwright


Clive has lived and breathed Hair for his whole career. Travelling around the globe from London, to Hong Kong. Australia to LA. His career exploded phenomenally throughout the 90's and 00's and he relocated to Los Angeles as the Global Director of KMS. On his return to Australia, with his now wife Jane, Clive has owned his salon "Our Place" in Sydneys exclusive Potts Point, with business partner Kelly for 10 years

Louise May


Louise has been in the Hair & Beauty Industry for 37 years. As a previous owner of 3 businesses she also has a background in professional Haircare & Skincare Formulations & Private Branding. She is a judge for the Australian Hair Industry Awards, Beauty Awards and Modern Barber Awards. Owns her own mentoring business for hair & beauty salon owners for the last 8 years AND is the editor in chief of mocha group.

Amie Morris


Amie has 25 years of extensive media experience as a TV, Radio and Podcast Producer. Alongside this she has vast industry experience in front of the camera, education, branding / design and business development. It was her investment in Bondi Radio Media Group, where she developed her love for podcasting, where so was Co-owner and Head of Media. She developed new skills in digital branding, editing and post production.




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